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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance nodded, "Right, the cannons definitely have to go, that map even reminds me of when I was in Ca-" He stopped in mid sentence, "Uh... when I was younger." He quickly said. "We can use the sewers and get into the towers and we have to move fast! Three to each watch tower. We need to clear out any ancients simultaneously, for that Truestriker and myself will be in touch with everyone telepathically. We'll coordinate at the same time and charge up the towers. We get the canons under our control and we need to decomission them so that they aren't used on us or the city."

    He sighed, "I know a lot of work went into those cannons but if the Sentinels are beaten back they could simply destroy the whole city if they wished with them. They must be destroyed. If not they will only be used against us and the civilians."

    "One we get the cannons under control someone has to stay on top to alert the others to the positions of the Sentinels in the city. Truestriker, I need you to be able to teleport or use some form of telekinesis to communicate with us. Alternatively I can position myself up there and be able to communicate with everyone. Though I won't be present for the battles then, you all would have to relay my orders to Dark Lightening then and make sure he's on track with us."

    He turned to Bloodthirster, "Yes, we were ambushed when we came into the city, but the thieves have proven themselves to us! Roswell didn't go back on his word and you should take that into consideration. This is all we have to go on Bloodthirster. Anyway, we could use you in the sky as well. You can actually be a good pair of eyes for me. I can see far, but not that far so with you up in the sky you can feed me or Truestriker the locations of the Sentinels and either one of us can give that information to the others."

    He looked around, "Is this a sounding like a good plan? Any holes anyone sees or criticisms?"