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    -Caught Lobomon the Hariyama (M, Lv.5) in Petalburg Woods but lost Frigimon trying to catch it
    -Arrived in Rustboro City and laid Frigimon to rest
    -Obtained HM01 Cut
    -Leomon learned Cut
    -Gave Lobomon the Quick Claw
    -Caught MSeadramon (short for Mega/Metal Seadramon) the Carvanha (F, Lv.8) on Route 116
    -Lobomon learned Vital Throw
    -Defeated Leader Roxanne while just using Lobomon
    -Received the Stone Badge and TM39 Rock Tomb
    -Caught Moldy the Shuckle (F, Lv.7) inside Rusturf Tunnel
    -Saved Peeko and got the Devon Goods back
    -Received the Letter for Steven and the PokeNav
    -Registered May in the PokeNav
    -Lobomon destroyed May's Lotad and Torchic
    -Sailed to Dewford Town, registering Dad in the PokeNav along the way
    -Lobomon proved once again to be too much to handle, defeating all three of Brawly's Pokemon
    -Received the Knuckle Badge and TM08 Bulk Up
    -Registered Brawly in the PokeNav
    -Caught Darmani the Donphan (M, Lv.10) in Granite Cave
    -Swapped Darmani for Magnemite and Moldy
    -Obtained HM05 Flash
    -Chirinmon learned Flash
    -Registered Roxanne in the PokeNav
    -Delivered the Letter to Steven
    -Registered Steven in the PokeNav
    -Saved progress for now

    RNC TEAM.png

    Moldy (Shuckle)

    Frigimon (Glalie)
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