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Originally Posted by mets3214 View Post
I just got back into Pokemon with the hype surrounding the new Black and White 2. I restarted Soul Silver instead of Black because its a remake of my favorite Pokemon game. I just beat the 4th gym and it was the first tough one so far. I have a team of 6 and I would like some advice on who to keep and to get later on in the game. Thanks

Heracross Lv. 21
Brick Break
Aerial Ace
Horn Attack
Shadow Claw

Scyther Lv. 14
Focus Energy
False Swipe

Croconaw Lv. 25
Ice Fang
Water Gun

Pidgeotto Lv. 20
Quick Attack

Flaaffy Lv. 17
Thunder Shock
Thunder Wave

Growlithe Lv.15
Odor Sleuth
I think overall, your team is composed of really good pokemon. Scyther and Heracross are strong, speedy attackera, Flaffy for the commonly used electric advantage for the E4, Growlithe and it's excellent speed as an Arcanine (if you're planning to evolve it), Pidgeotto for a flying type edge and Croconaw for an effective powerhouse. Especially as a Feraligatr where Ice Fang and Waterfall are extremely useful.

All in all, I'd personally keep training your team, as it evolves and develops over the remainder of the game it'll turn into a group of powerful pokemon, so no need really for any changes. Anyhoo, Have fun!
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