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Originally Posted by UberUmbreon View Post
Any advice on how to stop the script after i got the Charizard?
The problem is with checkflag command because it checks the flag but the result isn't used.

#org @start
checkflag 0x900
if 0x1 goto @ending org 
msgbox @1 0x5
compare LASTRESULT 0x1 //You are testing whether the player chose yes
if 0x1 goto @take
if 0x0 goto @done
msgbox @2 0x6

#org @ending org
//You need to add that ending org. It could be something like message box with "I've already given you a Charizard, don't be greedy."...
Oh yeah, and that offset you use with #dynamic looks... weird...
Oh and one thing... newest XSE does not work with LASTRESULT, you may need to change it to 0x800D.
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