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    thanks Zayphora

    most useful dog I'd say is Arcanine, the thing has great stats and is certainly one of the best fire types around.

    most useful cat is more tricky, if the Shinx family counts then I'll go for that.

    most useless dog is maybe Lillpup family. I like it but once you get to that halfway mark it starts to lag behind, at least Mightyena has dark typing

    most useless cat has to be Purrlian. This might seem contradictory compared to liking Poachyena/Mightyena with dark type but when I tried using Purrloin and Liepard in my last playthrough of white version it was terrible. Poor stats and it learns dark Type moves way too late. I mean, at least Meowth gives you money, learns a lot of TMs and evolves into something useful.
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