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Rule of Rose hands down. One of the most breathtakingly beautiful games with an intriguing plot that is perfectly woven and characters that stay with you forever, it's mixed reviews did it no justice, just because reviewers were so unintelligent that they can't fathom the concepts of the game and "get confused" at the storyline. Pffft. It isn't a game for people who cannot think, no, and that want everything spoonfed to them in the most simplistic direct way possible, but for the intelligent creation it is, it is a genuine GEM of horror games, much better than the crap pumped out today.

Deadly Premonition is another nearly flawless gem in horror games that is severely criticized despite being miles better than ANY RE and most SH installments. And all mainly because of the "dates graphics". It's execution is simply spot on for a horror crime tale, intoroducing both new elements of horror with FINALLY actual gameplay of "Oh my god, a killer is on the lose, RUN HIDE" that hasn't hardly been seen since forever because of the "lets get bombs or nuke the heck out of enemy" crap started for every scary game. It's a clever game. It's like watching a mystery unfold before your eyes. It's chilling. It's bizarre. It's deep. And what people can't "get", they rate badly.
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