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Originally Posted by kid1513 View Post
He is giving a constructive advice so that you can improve on your sprite in the future. Sorry, but you simply ignore his advice and that's that.

To be fair, some of your sprites aren't good, thus he wants to advise you not to do it so fast but put some effort to make it appealing.
you not see the bad joke a clearly stated <insert bad joke here>
i dont mind at all

Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
You just admitted that you're too lazy to do it the "real" way. I mean, if you're aware that the "real" way looks better, then why don't you do it that way? If you want hackers to use your sprites, hackers are going to want good sprites, not sprites that didn't have much effort into them. That's why in my Pokemon sprite project (which you said yourself inspired you to make your trainer project), I actually resize the sprite and clean up the details despite the fact that it's a "pain in the ***", it's the only way to get quality resized sprites.

Just a word of advice...
Doing it properly my not easy either (you get half *** ones if you rush or make an error at the start (Colress is a pain for that reason)) doing it my way little detail remain

Wanna explain some things
Made his hair like his Gbc version

keep in mind chuck Norris doesn't battle he allows you to lose
and the background not red that's the blood of a Arceus
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