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    Ellie gently plopped the two girls and their things on the bed, smiling her normal cat smile at then. She bowed as best as she could and left the room, going to sit outside her own human's door and wait. Rama and Pala were outside so she believed he would be all right. If Skye wasn't, there would be something dreadful going after whatever hurt him and the others.

    Skye gave Meep a sympathetic look. Stuck out of your dorm for a night, what a hassle. Did any of his Pokemon have a way...? Oh. He looked at Rama, who instantly got the message and growled a no.. Skye gave him a sympathetic pleading with his eyes. The Zorua scowled and leaped from his arms, swirling and transforming... Into a Shinx. Instantly, the small blue and black body began to glow like a flashlight. Rama scowled impatiently.

    Skye smiled. "Leh-Lead the way."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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