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    Originally Posted by Shadow_Angel View Post
    I think Kirby's Adventure for the NES and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (for gameboy) are both underrated. I love both of the games but I don't think either of them got enough recognition. I think they're amazing and should be recognized more. I might be wrong but this is just my opinion.
    The former is pretty well-received and known, while the latter is just overlooked. They're not underrated at all.

    Anyway, Mario Sunshine was the first to come to mind. I always thought it was a better game than Mario 64, but that game gets point for being the first 3d mario game and nostalgia, ignoring the awful level design, camera and controls. Not to say Mario Sunshine doesn't have those, but they were better than 64's. It's still a great Mario game.
    Of course, Galaxy is obviously the better game.

    Jak 2 and 3 are criminally underrated. I understand the criticism that 2 receives, but it's still a good game despite being the weakest. But the worst is the fact because of 2, a lot of people overlook AND underrate 3, when it fixed every problem 2 has and had a great balance of 1 and 2. If it weren't for the bad taste Jak 2 left, I wouldn't be surprised if 3 was considered the best in the series instead of 1. Also the best Jak design.

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