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Kayla and Holly

Kayla smiled as Ellie left the room, turning to open her bag and get some candy. Rosemary woke up and jumped off of Holly's head,landing in the bag. Kayla laughed and pulled her out, setting her down next to her on the bed. Holly stood up and stretched, looking in one of her bags for her pajamas. When she found them, she went into the bathroom to change. She looked in the mirror for a moment, thinking about what would happen tomorrow. After a while she shook her head and changed. She took her hair down and walked out, picking it up a little to stop it from dragging on the floor. She was surprised to see that Kayla and Rosemary had already ate all of the candy they brought. "That's a new record for them.",Yuri said, laughing.

Kayla jumped off the bed, grabbed her pajamas, and went into the bathroom to change. Holly decided to lay down on the bed and go to sleep. When Kayla was done changing, she jumped back onto the bed, knocking Holly to the ground. Holly frowned a little and climbed back onto the bed. "What was that for?! Besides, you shouldn't be running on that leg!",she said. Kayla laughed a little while she patted the bed a little, telling Yuri she could jump on. "Sorry, Holly. But I'm excited for tomorrow.", she said, watching as Yuri got on the bed. She scratched Yuri behind her ear a little. Yuri rolled onto her back and yipped a little. "Aren't you?", Kayla asked while scratching Yuri on her belly.

Holly frowned a little and looked at the ground. "Not really...I'm kind of scared.",she said. Molly floated over to her and snuggled into her arms. Kayla moved next to Holly and hugged her. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine. You just need to go in there and give it your all!",she said. Holly looked up at Kayla and managed to smile a little. "I guess...", she said. "We should get some sleep, though." Kayla nodded, watching as Yuri curled up to go to sleep. Molly went to turn off the light and floated back over to Holly. "Good night.", she said while floating into Holly arms. "Good night.",Holly said, laying down to go to sleep. Kayla looked over at her for a second. I'm sure she'll be fine. As long as she has Molly., she thought, laying down to go to sleep too. After a while, both of the girls were asleep.
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