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    [QUOTE=DarkRisingGirl;7294042]Is this the trainer with the "Ash Autograph" Problem:

    If so, she's fixed in the newest patch on the main post on this thread. I'm still not sure if the patches require you to start over to take effect, they shouldn't. If they do, I advise everyone to wait til Monday to play. Again, I apologize for all these errors.

    About the numerous Victinis, I haven't gotten up to that part in my playthrough but when I do, it will be fixed Finally along with the annoying Entei Event that wants to pissed me off obviously. I'll take my fustration out on Entei when I get up to that part.

    Yes that was the trainer I used the code for walk through walls to get past her and another problem was the next two trainers you face the Hiker worked, but the trainer right after the hiker didn't. Then I progressed to talk to Ash at the front of the cave when I got in the event still wasn't working. When you first exit the cave after the entei event that trainer would go to a black screen and stay like that as well. Finally I countinued to the next town battled Pete I think his name was he told me to investigate the mysterious house right next to him and his dad, but when I entered it looked like the event already took place, and all I could do was talk to an old man who basically said thanks for the help.