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    Heading out of the dead forest.

    Ryan awoke with a start to find that something was moving his bag around. What was this? How was his bag just floating around his head like that? Was he dreaming? Ryan pinched himself. Nope, awake. This was very odd. He reached out to grab his bag and as he touched it a peircing laugh attacked his ears.

    "Gahhh!" Ryan screamed. "What the hell is that noise!"

    Then a Pokémon appeared in front of his face and giggled.

    "AHHHHHHHHHH!" Ryan yelled as he got up and ran away. "What the hell is that?!" He asked himself.

    When Ryan thought that he had ran far enough he stopped to catch his breath. 'What was that?' Ryan asked himself again. It looked like a Pokémon from Johto. So how was it here? Were all kinds of different Pokémon here?' Ryan pondered many questions whilst he had stopped. 'Right.' Thought Ryan, definitvely. 'I need to find the academy now. It is not safe out here. Ryan got up and walked. Then he stopped and voiced aloud.

    "What way is the school?" Ryan looked aroun as if expecting to see a sign that said which way the school was. With no luck he called Charizard out from his Pokéball. "Sorry buddy, but I need you to find the school. After that you can have a nice long rest for as long as you need. There will probably be a Pokémon Center there as well."

    Charizard nodded, he understood Ryans desperation. Charizard flew up into the sky and searched for something that resembled an academy. Charizard landed and grunted to Ryan and pointed off to the East.

    "Thanks Charizard, now you rest." Ryan returned Charizard to his Pokéball and began to walk in the direction Charizard had pointed. "Just hope it isn't too far" Sighed Ryan.

    Further on the walk Ryan thought, 'Well if they have lots of types of Pokémon from different parts of the world then maybe they will know all about legendaries. And the one that saved me......' With that thought Ryan smiled a bit and sped up his walk to the academy.
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