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On Blue: (remember, I don't own any of these games anymore, though I do write things down...

Blastoise, LVL 65
Beedrill LVL 57
Dragonair LVL 61 (accidentally pressed B )
Gyarados LVL 63
Kabutops LVL 59
Articuno LVL 74

On Yellow:
Pikachu LVL 59 (If you evolve Pikachu before he goes through his moveset, you're Un-American)
Golem LVL 58
Flareon LVL 49
Muk LVL 45
Cloyster LVL 60 (the result of a bet I won.)

In Gold:
Meganium LVL 47
Vileplume LVL 57
Tentacruel LVL 50
Red Gyarados LVL 62
Raikou LVL 57
Dragonite LVL 55

Finally, Crystal:
Feraligatr LVL 60
Togetic LVL 63
Vaporeon LVL 48
Seaking LVL 57
Lapras LVL 60
Suicune LVL 71
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