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    Originally Posted by Zero Karma Loss View Post
    You're right about NTME. I went ahead and redrew it in 8BPP and it loads just fine at the R/S World Map settings. I should note that I'm only getting one "Ptr found at 00XXXXXX. Changed." message per insertion in unLZ.

    The map is still all over the place, but the colors are correct. For whatever reason it seems determined not to adjust to my Johto rendition and scatter itself across the original Hoenn outline instead.
    Same exact problem here. I tried to do a "test" map with only 2 colors in the tileset. I inseted it into my Rom, and the map has the correct colors, but the image outlines the original Hoenn map. Is there any solutions to this problem?
    Edit: I figured out how to do it! For those of you struggling, it's all about trial and error. If something didn't work, try something new. If you don't give up, you will eventually find it! Also to edit the "HOENN" that appears when observing the map, you simply type in HOENN in A-text, and I think it will be the last HOENN you see when searching.
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