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C.J. Styles
Mountains & Caves

C.J.’s eye’s shot open at the sound of a crying Deino, “Ace!” He screamed out jumping to his feet. Panicking he spun around catching a glimpse of his own Deino still sleeping soundly next to their ‘camp’ fire. He sighed in relief before noticing Custos had awaken to the dry as well. “So it wasn’t just me?” “Afraid not,” Custos replied, “Should we check it out?” “Hmm, I suppose, though I’m not in much of a helping mood. Ace get up we have something to check out.

Ace awoke with a yawn and walked over to the sound of his trainers voice, “Yeah?” “Huh, I figured you’d be the first awake with a fellow Deino in trouble.” C.J. mocked. “Humph, I’m sure they can handle whatever it is.” Ace responded. “Even so, let’s go see.” C.J. said as he turned and started walking through the forest towards the cry.

When he arrived he saw a Deino being thrown around by an Axew and a Druddigon. He also noticed three trainers two of which were jumping in to protect it. “Let’s watch this from the shadows here guys. No need to step in unless these guys can’t handle themselves, they look strong enough.” C.J. leaned against a rock in the shadows watching the scene with a judgmental grin on his face.

He needed a Druddigon for his team, depending on how this went maybe he could get away with claiming that one, if not, he was sure there were others around. Which reminded him, there was surely to be more Dragon types around if these three were here, especially after the Deino had cried out. C.J. looked around cautiously while remaining in the shadows.
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