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Mark smiled down at Valorie, a bit Jealous that she had received that kind of honor yet proud at the same time. The better she got, the more Mark wanted to catch up with her. Her Pokemon were probably so much more powerful then his now... but maybe when he finished building up his team strategies he could stand a chance someday.

"A Dragon Master cape? Wow... your certainty getting popular with the teachers. Congrats on getting the cape! It looks good on you! I'm sure it's shown how much better you've become since you arrived here." Mark complimented to her. He looked up to Dragonite. "And I see you've grown up quite a bit too huh?" Mark said to the Dragon. Dragonite leaned forward toward Snype, still apparently holding onto Mark.

Snype was a tad intimidated by her size but quickly smiled at her.

"Hehehe, I think the question is, "Did you get bigger?" You've grown up alot! It's hard for me to call myself your big brother these days!" Snype said happily. Snype's ears perked a bit when he heard a tree branch fall from a nearby tree. He would have sworn it was a wild pokemon in there but he couldn't help but swear he caught a glimpse of some kind of red figure. Were they being watched...? Whatever was there, Snype couldn't see it anymore. And he usually had the sight to be able to catch these kinds of things easily.

Mark looked over to Valorie again to answer her previous question.

"Boy it's been a long day. I caught a Gligar up in the mountains with a friend of mine, hiked around a bit, and even met up with an old childhood friend from back home. I've been training alot lately. Hehe, Soon, I'm gonna be a real force to be reckoned with! Hey sooner or later I might catch up with you and stand a chance in a full on battle!" Mark said. He suddenly got nervous all of a sudden. He wanted to ask something else but wasn't sure how she'd react to it. He went silent for a little while. He quickly pulled himself together. Its been too long.

"...Um... hey Val... are you... busy at all tommorow...?" Mark said with a hint of nervousness.

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