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Originally Posted by Subtle Blue View Post
Don't worry, it's not about how ugly the new ones are! I posted this as a response to a topic about the generations on an unrelated forum, but I thought I'd bring it here, too:

I'm curious what everyone else thinks, especially others who've been with Pokemon since its introduction. Was the atmosphere surrounding the games different during gen 1? Was it better or worse? Was there more mystery or more opportunity and motivation to play with other people?

If you're curious about the "old fart" thing, I'm in my early twenties now.
The atmosphere was better in Gen I than in Gen V for some of us, but that is merely a matter of opinion. However, it can also be because of nostalgia based on the blissful ignorance that we had as children. And that isn't a bad thing.

The guy who posted that is definitely influenced by nostalgia, there's no doubt about that. Like I say, the atmosphere was completely different because he was a kid. This is the same for me.

However, I still enjoy the games to this day, even the newer ones, because they're insanely fun games. That's all there is to it. I prefer the older games, but the newer ones are still great.

There's probably some kid playing Black and/or White now who will post on here in 5-10 years saying "Wow, I remember how uncomplicated Black and White were back in my day. There's just no sense of adventure in Pokemon Teal!" or something like that. Just wait and see.
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