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    I feel I bring up Dragon Age 2 in every thread, but thats cause I don't get the negative press what so ever. The only negative I had with it is the repeated use of stupid area's. (I initially hated not being an elf, but then I was convinced I needed to be human by the story). The skill leveling thing and combat was so much better then origins, I liked the fact my characters had their own armor, cause origins characters apart from Morrigan looked rediculous in armor, and the only reason Morrigan looked okay is she has TWO exclusive Morrigan only armors. I am more inthralled by DA2's story, and Mass effect like wheel.

    Viva Pinata is a great call by Sydian, such a good time filler.

    Apart from that I haven't ever really left series I am comfortable with (Pokemon,Bioshock, FIFA, Football Manager, LoZ, Mario, Elder Scrolls, Fallout) untill this year. Already I have played a few of the Tales games and wondered how I never heard of them till this year, same for Kingdom Hearts , Fire Emblem and Dragon Quest. I have enjoyed them all so much and wonder how mainstream casual gamers (like I used to be) missed out on this cause the games are over looked.
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