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    Ok finished my Raticate solo.
    I stormed through he Rocket Hideout.Me and Giovanni battled for the first time and Petey destroyed all his pokemon.I took the Silph Scope and headed towards Pokemon Tower.I had to take out all the ghost trainers by using Super Fang and spamming the PokeCentre took out the Rocket Member easily. I went to Silph Co. and just kept running till i found the CEO. Went to battle Erika and she didnt stand a chance. Battled Koga and took him out easily.Saffrons Gym leader Sabrina took me forever to find but still she lost without hesitation. Surfed to Cinnabar and explored the Mansion finding a secret key and the TM for Blizzard which i taught to Petey. I then went to the Gym and destroyed Blaine with my Hyper Fang and Blizzard. I then surfed north to the good old town of Virdian where i battled Giovanni for the third time. He lost with 5 simple attacks of Blizzard. I then headed west with the intention to beat the Pokemon League.
    I walked through the Victory Road encountering a pokemon every three steps but after a short time I was out and ready to face the Pokemon League. I stocked up on Max Potion, Full Heals and Full Restores before engaging battle with Lorelei whose Ice Pokemon stood no chance to my Quick Attack and Hyper Fang. Bruno was a tougher battling as one of his Fighting hit took out almost half of Peteys hits. Agatha lost to me with a simple strategy Super Fang then Blizzard which destroyed her Ghost Pokemon. After i use a Ether on Petey for his Blizzard I was ready to face Lance. His Gyrados lost with a simple bite with Peteys Hyper Fang and the rest of his Pokes lost with his Blizzard. It was now time to face Gary who used some strong pokemon but he still lost to my Petey.

    Ok I might do a Venusaur solo now on Red again
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