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    Haru Hatake
    Oak Town in a restaraunt

    "Another round of tacos waiter!" Haru called out. There was a massive pile of plates on the table. His parents had been kind enough to give him about ten thousand pokedollars, which was enough to cover for about one or two of Void's meals. The Munchlax had an affinity for tacos and had three of four dozen plates filled with a dozen each. The restraunt was running out of food. They weren't accustomed to a Munchlax eating there.

    The flustered waitress came back with another two plates of tacos. " Here you go sir." she said quicky.

    Haru felt a little embarressed as she was pretty attractive, and he couldn't control his pokemon. "So sorry ma'am." he said hastily. "I hope we're not a problem." He was tempted to proclaim his love for her, but barely resisted the urge. "He's normally not like this." He lied through his teeth.

    She merely laughed. "Your Munchlax seems to be used to eating like this." Haru blushed and she laughed yet again and walked back to the kitchen.

    The place Haru (which means Void) chose to eat was a nice, cozy place. It had a few tables, and a large aquarium. All legitimate establishments have aquariums. He watched Void inhale the plates of tacos. "Check!" he called out. The waitress came back with the bill, which read five thousand. "Your gonna drive me to debt man." he gave Void a funny look and payed.

    They walked out of the restraunt, and he patted the Munchlax on the back. "To the TM store!" he shouted and ran in the direction the waitress had pointed. "Keep up!" he shouted behind him.
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