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Game: Heart Gold
Player: Dovakin
Gender: Male

Akatosh | Male | Gentle | Lv 10
Scratch, Growl, Water Gun, Rage

Krosis | Male | Mild | Lv 4
Leech Life

Sheogorath | Male | Serious | Lv 4

Went to Dark cave and spent HOURS trying to find a Dunsparce. Don't ask why. I've never trained a Dunsparce before and this was the perfect excuse to catch one. I'm sad it has Runaway instead of Serene Grace though TTwTT. It was the first male in three Female encounters. While hunting for the Dunspace I managed to catch a Shiny Zubat. This sorta thing NEVER happens to me. I guess the game felt pitty for trolling me for so long.

Any way I made it to Violet City safe and sound, though I am no where near ready for the Gym so I'll be training.
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