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    Originally Posted by Kiserage
    PARTNERS: Gyarados and Tentacruel
    WHY YOU WANT TO SWIM WITH US:To be surrounded by the elegant beauty and raw power of the water type
    ANSWER CURRENT TOPIC:Very hard question but i have to pick gyarados
    i would always catch a magikarp at the begining of a game just so i could have a gyarados by about the third gym they are in my opinion the perfect pokemon they are living sea dragons with the power to destroy anything that stands in there way add that too there ability to learn almost every move type gyarados is deffintley my favorite
    No Gyarados Fans here bro! That's for the *Splash* Magikarp Family Club! Ah Cool, you like Gyarados too?! I don't like Gyarados particularly for his power, or his moveset, but I like him (the whole Magikarp family, really) because the Magikarp family is unique itself, a family that starts as a wimpy Magikarp that only knows splash, n' tackle, and etc. sub par moves, and then evolves into such a bad ass. Plus, getting a Magikarp is as simple as buying him for a reasonable price. Anyways, glad to have you in the club, and Welcome to PokeCommunity ;D
    Do you use the move Aqua Jet? If so how do you use it effectively?
    Sorry for my horrible topics =/

    I have always liked to use Aqua Jet on my team because it was nice to have thatguaranteedfirst hit chance. It's especially nice when used against Fire types, to 1HKO before getting touched xD. It's one of my favorite water type moves actually

    Because this topic was a big fail, here is another topic, hopefully a better one.
    What are some of your favorite Water Type moves and why?
    See above answer xD
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