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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    I've done my research on the topic (but a good rechecking of the facts didn't hurt, it never does), and that's basically the same thing. If they renamed the version and gave it a newer, upgraded revision, it's pretty much the same as having a second version (or rather, its own version), after all, the Red that came over is not the same Red that was released in Japan, and similarly the "Green" that came over is not the same Green that was released in Japan. Heck, Blue is more like Blue than it is like Green, being that the Graphics, music and music quality, name, engine, and script are those of Blue while the aspects from Green are there to balance that it's the version opposite Red and not a third version as it was in Japan (IE Pokemon Changes and the like).

    The fact of the matter is, Blue was originally made to be a product for those who subscribed to CoroCoro, and it was meant to be an improved of Red and Green (thus, it's technically (or not technically) the first "third version); even if the sprites look uglier, they were simply meant to be repurposed (in much the same way that we see in each proceeding third version). They didn't need to bring the original Red and Green over because it didn't have the enhancements that Blue had, and in essence, it "wasn't as good". We'd essentially be getting the crap end of the deal if they decided to bring the originals over rather than what was supposed to be the "bigger, better" version. Granted, it would net them more money if they released Red and Green and then Blue later, but that would also require more work. To make up for it (or just because they didn't feel like changing the name for a local release, especially since "Water Blue" was considered...actually, scratch what I said before, they it wasn't to make up for it), they released a Green version years later, but it had neither the unique aspects nor the flaws that the original did, and it was released by the name of Leaf Green, a remake of the original games.

    Plus, there was no demand for Green, and they didn't really make it internationally known that they made a Green version, people just had to come across the information. Even when it was known by the masses, there was no huge desire for it to come over, so Nintendo didn't consider it, they didn't need to. Not only was/is there no money in the venture, but they might actually lose money in the processes of bringing it over (and the changes between them certainly aren't the most attractive).
    Still, Just because it's localized from a third version doesn't mean they are third version. It can still be considered as badly localized no matter how superior you think the localized game is. If it has to be the region of my own, I would consider First Generation either my least favorite or 2nd least favorite. Probably the ladder because when I was a kid, I was introduced to Pokemon first Generation. That's why I imported all 4 versions, including Gold and Silver. The main purpose is that I want full experience in 1st Generation, which is what we don't get (In Yellow, special Pikachu edition, you do get all 3 starters, but does it make it relevant?) until Third Generation where there are remakes and a Gamecube Title called "Pokemon Colosseum."
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