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Originally Posted by FlameChocobo View Post
Still, Just because it's localized from a third version doesn't mean they are third version. It can still be considered as badly localized.
I believe I said the former statement. The Blue we got is indeed a second (or first, depending on the way you look at it) version. We did get our third version later (Yellow Version, which also added quite a bit). And yes, it can still be considered badly localized...but I don't know why you say that. After all, we did get remakes, which were relocalized and retranslated, so there's no reason for there to have been a Green version that would come over, it couldn't have been handled better than the versions we got, that would be like a fix over a fix, except since the versions we had were already a fix of the original Japanese versions, there was no real reason to make any more fixes or changes, and they certainly wouldn't relocalize a game all for a third version that didn't really add much, if not less. Even if there were any loose ends, Yellow had fixes and was a different take on the same game, so it didn't falter in sales; it really was a smart move on their part, not only exploiting the show's success to make dough, but also fixing various glitches, trying out various graphical and script-based features, and creating a 3rd version the West never had, giving a fresh look on a tried and true concept and story.

They didn't bring it over because they had nothing to gain in the venture. Little money would be made compared to...pretty much any other version to come overseas, the critical and fan reaction would probably be mixed, and even as an experimental venture they wouldn't get any useful information since it actually does less than the initial (and by "initial" I mean the first games overseas, not the first games period) do in terms of graphics (I'm not just talking sprites, either), audio, fixed glitches, and various other ventures. Plus, it would paint a very unfriendly commercial image of Nintendo (or rather, Game Freak).

The main purpose is that I want full experience in 1st Generation, which is what we don't get (In Yellow, special Pikachu edition, you do get all 3 starters, but does it make it relevant?) until Third Generation where there are remakes and a Gamecube Title called 'Pokemon Colosseum.'
We do get the full experience, it's not like Blue had a new story or a new region, or even new pokemon. Unlike the other third versions (like Emerald, Platinum, and Crystal), it didn't have those bells and whistles, and it lent its improvements to hardware fixes, as well as various other areas, it didn't change anything that would upset anyone (or most anyone, at least). In fact, it's because of its superiority that we get the full experience (or more of one, in a sense). You're not being left out of an experience, and no company would be, pardon my language, dumb enough to sell an "inferior" version at a loss. That would be insane, and they'd actually be insulting the customer in the process. It's smarter to just let people import the game, because they have (nor had) no real reason to bring it over since they already had the "bigger and better" Red and Blue. It's not like Green and newer or attractive unique features or another storyline, RB had Green's story and features, but the latter of which was spruced up. They would have actually lost money if they translated and localized the same game, and even if they did it, I can give you a 99.99% guarantee that it would not be received too well, and it most certainly wouldn't have been relocalized, they'd most likely have slapped the localization for RB on there to minimalize losses.

Also, about Yellow, it does a lot more than simply allow you to get all of the starters. There are quite a few story additions and textual changes, a boatload of graphical changes (most of them major, they set the stone for how 1st Gen pokemon would generally look since then), revised locations, and unique and new gameplay changes and additions, I'd say it fits quite well in its role as a contemporary third version, which is why it's relevant.
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