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    Haru burst in to the TM shop. "The party has arrived." he said in his 'i'm awesome' voice. Void came behind him, panting with exaustion. Where are the TM's, where would I check them out, and can I have your number?" he directed the third question to an attractive looking girl in the corner who just giggled.

    He looked around at the shop. It just looked like one of the many music stores he had been to. There weren't that many people there, but he saw a guy with a jacket from the academy. He walked up to him and began his barrage of pointless questions. "Hey,I'm Haru and this is my Munchlax, Void. We're new to the academy. Today was our first day. I've met four people including you. What's your name? What dorm are you in? What's your team? I have three other pokemon. How long have you been here?"
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