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    Dear Anons,

    I shouldn't be sad about this. You all went on a trip together and had tons of fun, as you should have done. I had the chance to go and I did not, and that is a choice I am regretting. I am angry at myself. But I can't help being also a little bit angry at you all. And that's not right at all. In the back of my mind I worry that you all have much more fun without me; that it doesn't matter if I'm around or not; that you don't miss me. I wish I mattered. I probably don't, but I'd like to. Just a little.

    I haven't seen any of you in over a month. We've all been pretty busy. But hopefully next week will erase these feelings of mine, because I really don't like them at all. And I'm sure you wouldn't if you knew about them.

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