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Ignis & Fulgur
In Route to Children's City

Ignis and Fulgur continued their journey towards Children’s City. Both were having mental conversations with their respective PokeSpirits. Ironically both conversations had to do with the opposite brother, neither, however, were positive.

Ignis: “You think he’s always going to step in my way, and belittle my choices?
Torch: “Probably, he doesn’t see eye to eye with us on those matters.
Ignis: “Argh, he’s only going to slow us down if that’s the case.
Torch: “Well there is a sol--
Ignis: “DON’T START THAT AGAIN! He is my brother
Torch: “Sorry. I’m just saying, things would be much better.
Ignis: “Maybe, maybe not.

Static: “Maybe we should just go our separate way from them?
Fulgur: “No, I’m afraid of what he may do if I’m not around.
Static: “Couldn’t be any worse then what he does while you are here..
Fulgur: “Even so, I think I can get through to him.
Static: “You’ve been trying to get through to him for over a year.. He’s only getting worse.
Fulgur: “Still, I have to keep trying.
Static: “I guess..

The city came into view and the Twins could see a crowd in the entrance way. As they approached they could see several children huddling around two young girls.

Fulgur: “Hmm, I wonder what’s going on.
Ignis: “Who cares.
Fulgur: “They could need help?
Ignis: “So? They could need to die to, what’s your point?
Fulgur: “Are you ever going to be willing to help someone in need?
Ignis: “Yes,
Fulgur: “Rea--
Ignis: “If it’s helping them kill humanity.

Fulgur sighs as the two get within listening range of the crowd, maybe they can figure out what is going on before they pass by them and head into the city.
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