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    Here is a teacher SU. Hope everything is okay (although the writing is not my best and is brief in places I feel its fine considering it was done at 3am xD) Will update or change anything that you feel needs to be changed.

    Name: Andrew Christopher Thomas (Interesting fact: For a split second I was going to call him John Thomas....three guesses why that name was changed)

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male

    Job: Pokemon Biology

    A man of his mid 20s with a shock of black hair and deep set grey-blue eyes. Light stubble covers his jaw and lip. His features are soft and an idle smile usually dances across his thin lips. His nose is long and thin, as is his chin which is home to a pronounced dimple. A faded crescent scar sits horizontally across his throat.

    Andrew Thomas possesses a slim athletic build. Dark hair covers his forearms which are usually laid bare as he rolls up the sleeves of a white lab coat. Pens, dissection tools and other small experimental equipment pokes out of his lab coat pockets. Beneath the lab coat he wears a white shirt and a slim tie of varying colours depending on the day. His bottom half is covered by what will start the day as pristine suit trousers. The trousers will however invariably end up scuffed and muddied as Andrew works. When outside of class and lab it is not unheard of for Andrew to have donned his suit jacket in lieu of his lab coat although he is usually too busy or lazy to retrieve it from his office.

    Andrew Thomas is excitable and possibly a little eccentric with a near unmatched passion for his subject. He becomes absorbed in his current research and will spend his free time working on any issues he has come across. This can lead him to appear absent minded on occasion and even rude when he does not notice others. When he does break himself away from his work he will spend time in the wilds of the island taking notes and drawing anatomical diagrams of the pokemon he finds there. The young man is confident and knowledgeable which on occasion can come off as arrogant (especially as he cannot resist correcting others!). This is not meant and in reality Andrew is rather humble of his own abilities and knowledge. The young man lives in awe of more notable professors such as Professor Gary Oak and his grandfather. Andrew holds the view that his battling days ended years ago and he rarely partakes in the pastime anymore however he does miss the rush he felt in his younger days now and then.


    Andrew grew up in Unova as the youngest of 3 brothers. Born in the town of Nuvema he acquired an appreciation for pokemon and nature at an early age as he would go on adventures with his brothers and watched them battle as they acquired their own pokemon. He was born much later than his brothers and as such he was eventually left alone at home with his parents as they began to adventure around the world. After a few years he also received his first pokemon (Poliwag) from Professor Juniper as she urged him to undergo his own pokemon journey.

    After a lengthy journey and much battling Andrew had collected the badges needed to confront the Elite Four. It was at this stage however that he decided to go home for a rest and to see his family before continuing his journey. While he stayed at home he assisted Professor Juniper in her lab. She quickly recognised his talent for the scientific side of pokemon and offered him a position as an intern and aide once he had completed his journey.
    With renewed vigour and a reward to work towards Andrew continued his journey and returned home victorious. It was then that he took up his post at Junipers side for a few months. After this short time a letter had dropped through the boys door informing him that Juniper had prepared a place for him to acquire formal qualifications in Pokemon Biology, Physiology, Origins and other such subjects. He accepted the place and was soon a formal student of Pokemon science. Upon his departure Juniper gifted him another pokemon, Solosis.

    After years of work and study he graduated. Professor Gary Oak happened to have read his thesis and after a short informal interview offered Andrew both a teaching position and the freedom (and expensive toys) to pursue whatever research he could in time between classes.

    Species: Poliwrath
    Nickname: Anura
    Personality: Lively and jolly Anura will frequently attempt to make jokes (of which Andrew may be the subject.) He is loyal to his trainer and fearsome when angered. He can never however stay angry at Mito and is at his most fearsome when protecting her.
    Lvl: 48
    Focus Punch
    Giga Impact

    Species: Solosis
    Nickname: Mito
    Personality: Mito is shy and slow to trust. If Andrew is in public she will always prefer to be within her pokeball and will enter it unbidden by Andrew. She looks up to Anura and seems to think of him as an older brother.
    Lvl: 31
    Trick Room
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind