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Update 4

I journeyed on towards Nacrene city and on the way WhamShell evolved into a Dewott. I arrived in Nacrene city and pushed on immediately to the outer area of Pinwheel Forest, I ran into a Timburr caught it and named it Splinter. While training unfortunately FurBall died. I trained for about 5 minutes and saved it.

Current Team

WhamShell Lv 14

Razor Shell
Focus Energy
Water gun

Splinter LV 16

Rock throw
Focus Energy
Low kick

Pyro Lv 13

Fury Swipes


Current Graveyard

Leo the Purloin Lv4
BirdBrain the Pidove Lv9
Gale the Woobat Lv10
Furball the Herdier LV 17


Deposited Pokemon

Slave the Patrat (unusable)

Thoughts as of yet.
Well Furball died, and it was not at the hands of Thorh, Swak or even a strong Timburr, it was a Pidove so yeah the pokemon i was the most impressed by ended up being pretty crap. Still thinking Unova has crap Pokemon so far. Here's hoping this challenge gets a bit better.
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