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Originally Posted by Rubix33 View Post
Not bad, but Miloioc, might be nice, but same as Buizel. Buizel is a speedy little devil which is great. And It learns ice and water moves. I dont think you should use both scizor, and Lucario, since Siczor learns fighting moves. Yeah, Gengar is great.

So I think you should use

-(Any last pokemon, preferably dragon) Some good ones are, Garchomp, Dragonite, and Altaria.
If not dragon, try a flying.

Hope I helped once again
Thanks again, that's what I was sorta thinking about.
About the dragon type, do you think Salamence would do well? It's really strong. I'd get Garchonp, but it's banned from playing wirelessly, so I think either Dragonite or Salamence.