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    Why do you want to swim with us?: My first game was Silver. I loved Crocodiles. Naturally I picked Totodile. When I first got the games I didn't really know how to play it so i went through the whole game never switching Totodile, Croconaw or Feraligatr from first place in my party. The Totodile line became my Gods as it grew into the strongest pokemon that ever lived!! Then I grew up a little and realised it was because of the high level that my starter was undefeated. It still led to me loving the water type though, especially as my 'best' playthrough of Firered was with Blastoise. Now I always pick Water starters, at least for the first time I get a new game, which works well as i have two friends who always pick fire and grass. Water types are one of the most useful in the game, even their HM moves are powerful. The sheer amount of them makes it easy to pick one you like in any playthrough and their move sets come in very handy particually gaining Ice moves against pesky grass and dragon types.
    Answer current topic: What are some of your favorite water type moves and why?
    Well call me dull but good old surf is a very strong and reliable move to give any water type but if they focus on physical attack then waterfall is a good replacement. I have a love-hate relationship with Water Pulse as it always confuses me but hardly ever does so to the opponent, when it does though it is great.
    Aqua jet is a strong move to equip Pokemon like Gyarados with so in response to your ditched topic Aqua Jet needs to be used by the right Pokemon otherwise it's a waste of a move slot
    I really like that new move Scald, its pretty strong and can cause burns to the opponent. What more do you want?
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