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Iruzja Aleksandrov

It was super effective! Click! Iruzja caught the Dustox!

DUSTOX ♂ Quirky
Shield Dust - Dustox blocks the added effects of attacks taken
  • Confusion
  • Gust


- 500P
- 1x PokéBall
+ 3x Rations
+ 1x Bottle of Water

Rin Shavi

- 2x Roasted Pidgey
+ 6x Oran Berries
+ 1x Cherri Berry
+ 1x Chesto Berry
+ 1x Pecha Berry
But wait!!

[!] [!] [!] [!] [!]
A trainer is seen nearby, sitting by the road, tending to his hurt Nidorino. He's impossible to avoid and sees you from the distance. You can either challenge him to a battle or ask if he can help or maybe even join you!

Robert Hawkins

The trap door clicks open and a light shines through in the shape of three birds. You open the trap door and... Wow! Neat! There's some pretty cool stuff down here! The most noticable is a large orb, about the size of a PokéBall. It looks really important.
+ 850P
+ 1x Red Orb
+ 1x Fire Stone


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