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    Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
    Wait, just out of interest, did you specifically ask Baro if you can use his OW of the main character, as that may be a nono...

    Other than that, the maps are riddled with tile errors. All of the screenshots that show the water do not have the waters edge like they should, yet some sides of the water do, so you may want to really look at your mapping.
    Baro allowed his sprites to be ripped and put up on Spriters Resrouce
    So I'm guessing it would also mean he's allowing people to publicly use them.

    Either way, you've got a long way to go with this.
    The screenshots aren't the best, you've used the horrible yellow man mess sprite with in every hack would be a big fat No. Since it's not even a real pokémon sprite.

    The fourth screenshot is the first appearence of Scott's script, So ... that needs changing. (To me it seems like you did that screen just to skip the 4 screens or more rule...)

    ''The region of Hoejo''
    Hoejo ... Hoenn + Johto?
    Not the most original name. There's many better ones I'm sure you can think of.

    ''Oh, so you want the storyline?Fine.You're a 13-year-old kid who moved from the region of Corna to the region of Hoejo.There you get a new PokeDex and a Johto starter.You have to get all over the place to catch new Pokemon.Go and fight new gym leaders!New trainers await you!Save the world from a new gang,Team TD!Defeat the champion!Now once you have all that done, let the nostalgia sweep over you with Pokemon G/S/C music.''
    This seems more of a explanation of things to do in the game, rather than a story.

    New music!(The music was a pain to insert)
    That's a good feature.
    Completly new region!
    One would expect this in a new pokemon game.
    New trainers!
    Again, same as above.
    Pokemon G/S/C music!
    Good feature ruined.
    Some cities/towns are exact copies of the towns in Kanto and Johto(except Goldenrod City).