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Checked my Soul Silver Game
Have Defeated Falkner Bugsy and Whitney and I'm in Ecruteak City
My Pokemon:
Boojangle lvl. 37 Male Dusclops
Moves: Shadow Punch,Faint Attack,Shadow Ball, Pursuit
Togepi future fly mule
Than I updated
I beat the Rocket in the Dancehall
Beat My rival Risk in the burnt tower
Met the Trio in the burnt tower
Beat Morty in the Ecruteak Gym
Reach Olivine and met Amphy
Went to Cianwood and Grabbed the Medicine
Caught a Pidgey for a Fly Mule
Beat Chuck in Cainwood Gym his wife gave me Fly
Cured Amphy and Taught Rocksmash to Boojangle to beat Jasmines Steel Types
I beat Jasmine who is one of the toughest gym leaders I'd say and got her badge Boojangles safe till level 70
Decided to take a break until I can get my hands on another DS so I can evolve Boojangles into it's last evolution
My Pokemon
Boojangles Lvl. 49 Dusclops Male

Moveshadow Punch, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Rock Smash
Crokosmile Totodile
Rocky Onix
Taxi Pidgey