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    Originally Posted by Ageha1304 View Post
    If you don't like it don't read it!
    You're taking that out of context. Originally, that was directed towards fics centered around mature themes that people generally wouldn't appreciate, like yaoi, which is homosexual relationships. Then it would be appropriate to say so. My review wasn't directed to the content of the story, but rather the formatting, which is pretty damn objective if I say so myself.

    You posted your story on the internet, where people worldwide can read your story. That also means your subject to their feedback, opinions, and most importantly, criticism. I'm simply offering tips so that you can improve as a writer. You're ignoring that as a writer, you should be able to convey your thoughts with some coherence and lucidity. It's important to take readers into account when you write. If you have the room to improve, why not take up that room?

    Originally Posted by Ageha1304 View Post
    On top of that quotations are used to show person's thoughts, but this "-" is meant to show the exact dialogue. Also it's not my fault you cannot read it properly, those with poor language knowledge will indeed find this hard to read.
    No, quotations are not only used to show a person's thoughts. I know that the dashes are meant to display dialogue, but quotation marks are standard practice. Dashes are usually used from translations or James Joyce, but other than that, they have no purpose. Using dashes for dialogue for the sake of using them without a real reason is like whizzing in the wind. If you choose to break standard, then have a legitimate reason to do so. On top of that, dashes are more intrusive upon the readers, most of which who are familiar with quotation marks. (And again, ignoring the readers means you're ignoring your audience. If you continue ignoring them, they won't bother reading.)

    And I can read it, but my point is that the pictures, combined with the weird spacing between lines with the pictures in place, is distracting when I read. This isn't just an observation either; it's a fact. There are reasons why authors don't stick in pictures in their novels. Your writing should be painting the picture for readers.

    Originally Posted by Ageha1304 View Post
    Also note this first time writing pokemon fiction so obviously battles are not yet very detailed.
    Just because it's your first time doesn't mean you don't have to try.

    Originally Posted by Ageha1304 View Post
    And I do not indeed to change any formating. If people find this hard to read, don't read it, I'm not forcing anyone. I'm writing this for my own enjoyment and to gain some more experience in writing before I start writing something real serious.
    There should be spaces between paragraphs, as this is a forum that doesn't allow indentions to show up. Your story, at the moment, is a huge block of text with character artwork sprayed on top.