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^Crap, sorry about that, I hadn't even noticed how far we'd semi-derailed into Pokemon territory

I guess I'll go, then. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Butoden (or Kai...I'm not sure, it calls itself DBK, but it has the Buu Saga, so it's kinda confusing) is probably the best DS fighter, and for some reason it didn't come over. Now, it may have to do with the fact that it's a revival of the original Dragon Ball Z Butoden games from the Super Famicom (the Japanese Super Nintendo, with that said, the original games were Japan-only two, which might be why it didn't come over), and it does amazing things to the franchise. It has the entire Dragon Ball Z storyline with all of the necessary characters, a crapton of levels, and a Challenge Mode. It also has a very stylistic artstyle and very good graphics for the DS, it's presented in a mesh between Comic Book, Manga, and Cel-Shading, and it really adds to the experience. It's such a shame it didn't come over, and I hope it gets a sequel for the 3DS.
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