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Name: MIAU
2 Partner Pokemon: Tammy the Tympole and Chelon the Tirtouga
Why do you want to swim with us?: I've been asked before what is my favorite type and I couldn't answer, but it's probably water. Playing White, it was really hard to pick between two water-types, Tammy and Chelon, so I ended up using both in my team, thought I'd chose as I play. Well, they're both fully evolved now, and I still can't chose just one of them (actually, I'm glad we could chose 2 partner Pokemon to sign up for the club). Also, I kinda wanna try other water-types, like Milotic and Walrein, so I'll probably end up with a full water-types team.
Answer Current topic: What are some of your favorite water type moves and why?
I used to use Surf for a long time, but Tammy now has Hydro Pump, and Chelon has Aqua Tail. I just got Waterfall today, and I want to try it out, though I've been wanting to try out Scald too. Oh decisions decisions.