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Originally Posted by soopaord View Post
Yeah you might be right that it might get a summer JP release date.

I really do think though, that RSE remakes will be announced next year though. Just look at the release cycle.

2002 - RS
2004 - FRLG
2005 - Emerald
2006 - DP
2008 - Platinum
2009 - HGSS
2010 - BW
2012 - BW2
2013 - RSE Remakes ??
2014 - Gen VI ??
We've discussed this in the thread quite a few times already, but the reason the cycle might be broken is because the Nintendo DS is going out the window and the 3DS is the priority console right now. IMO B2W2 were definitely the end of the DS era and will most likely be one of the last sets of games to be released for the DS. Also, we've had two pairs of games already in Gen V, so it'd make sense for RSE remakes to appear in Gen VI.

It's hard to say though until we have an official announcement.
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