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    Rosalyn Smith
    Academy Grounds

    Rosalyn smiled more as Jimmy suggested that they train. "That's a great idea Jimmy" she said happily as she pulled out three Pokeballs. "I haven't really trained with Swampy, Silver, or Melody yet" she said looking from her friend to the three Pokeballs. She bit her lip for a minute looking deep in thought before suddenly looking back at Jimmy excitement in her eyes.

    "I know what we can do! We can battle Jimmy! That would be so much fun!" she exclaimed with an excited squeal. She was excited about the idea of battling her best friend, and also the fact she was going to use Pokemon she hadn't battled with much, one of which she had just caught. After those thoughts she realized how loud she had been and her voice quieted.

    "I mean...w-we can do that if you want too" she said sounding a bit embarrassed.

    Sage Smith
    Academy Grounds

    Sage sighed as he brushed a piece of his blonde hair out of his face with his right hand. In his left he carried a suitcase full of his clothes, books, papers, and tools, as well as pictures of his family. He missed his wife and daughter but he had to do what was best for his family, and that was teaching here at this school. "I wonder what pranks I could pull here" he chuckled to himself as he walked up the path to the academy.

    Looking around he saw trees and plants, even a few berry bushes and he smiled to himself. He loved plants, and seeing the bushes of berries he knew he could plan on taking classes out to pick them and to talk about how they grew. He was even planning on planting some flowers and berry bushes around the small living area he had been given when he took the job. The building was enough for him, but not for Violet and Jasmine. He would have to save up money before he could send for them to come here to Kanto.

    As he was walking his thoughts were interrupted by a girlish squeal coming from an area to his left. That reminds me of my sisters he thought thinking about his younger sister who had run away from home the year before. "Might as well see what that's about" he muttered making his way over he saw a boy but didn't see the girl.

    "Is everything okay here?"

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