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Sovereign Rainforest- Hoodhide's Village

Defender nodded in agreement. He began making a comparison to this map and another, but never finished his sentence. Zane had his assumptions of what he was referring to, but Calamity and Hoodhide merely looked at Defender curiously.

"Now hold on just one second," Ragnaros began with a raised voice. He darted his eyes at Noctus. "We already got double crossed by this thieving scum. Who tells us this so called Prince of theirs isn't an agent of doom?"

Zane looked at Defender for a moment to make sure he didn't pick up on any of this. It was a slip by Ragnaros, something they would have to be careful of when addressing Defender about this topic. Defender responded.

"Yes, we were ambushed when we came into the city, but the thieves have proven themselves to us! Roswell didn't go back on his word and you should take that into consideration. This is all we have to go on Bloodthirster."

Noctus spoke up at this time. "Your Golduck's right. If I was going to betray, I would have done something already. Besides, why the heck would I share a secret like these sewers if I really was?"

Zane had to agree. There was also the unsaid part where Roswell left Noctus to die along with all of the other thieves in the ambush site. He doubted Noctus would still be working for him given the circumstance.

Noctus responded to TrueStriker's question. "Hmm...I'd say getting from the entrance up top to each watchtower, if we all move quickly, should take about an hour, give or take."

Calamity spoke up now. "I see no problems with the plan here, but who's going to go where? What should be the groups?"

"Hmm..." Zane pondered around, counting the Gold Tribe member plus Noctus around. Calamity, Defender, Guardia, Sword and Shield, Hoodhide, Bloodthirster, Dryad, Speculum, Willdfire, TrueStriker, and himself. Noctus would surely come, Sword and Shield was simply too big and Ragnaros would be their eyes in the skies. That left two or three to each watchtower.

"We'll have to keep you back, Sword and Shield. You probably wouldn't be able to maneuver very well down there. I'd say Noctus, Speculum and Dryad take the northwest tower, Wildfire, Guardia and Hoodhide to the northeast tower, Defender and myself take the southwest tower, and Truestriker and Calamity. Any objections with this?"

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