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    It's been a while since I updated this, so i finished Platinum, and beat Black, so here's my updates.

    Final Platinum Team:

    Sneasel Lv.64
    Brick Break, Faint Attack, Slash, Avalanche

    Piloswine Lv.63
    Earthquake, Ice Fang, Take Down, Return

    Abomasnow Lv.63
    Blizzard, Wood Hammer, Ingrain, Ice Shard

    Froslass Lv.65
    Shadow Ball, Crunch, Blizzard, Hail

    Black Final Team: (Alder was kind of tough)

    Unfeazant Lv.75
    Facade, Fly, Pluck, U-Turn

    Swanna Lv.78
    Surf, Roost, Hurricane, Aerial Ace

    Swoobat Lv.76
    Psychic, Air Slash, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball
    The Eeveelution Challenge

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