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Ryudo's Evening (1)

After having watched Malik storm off muttering something about Ryudo's questions, he contemplated whether to chase after his seemingly frustrated partner or give him some time to cool off alone. He figured Malik was a loner by nature and decided to let him handle his problems on his own as he laid back against the cool crisp grass. Hope I didn't say anything to offend him, that's the last thing I'd want... But we were obviously partnered for a reason, even if I don't know what that reason is yet. It's obvious we already share a strong bond so he should want to be there for me to talk things over with... Eh, maybe he just really needed to use the toilet. Sure, I'll go with that. At least it's better than the alternatives... He closed his eyes and admired the chilled fresh air flowing over his body.

Ryudo awoke to the harsh noise of a loud announcement siren, opening his eyes and peering up at the darkening sky before darting up and rubbing his hands against his arms for warmth. Woah, how long was I asleep for? I've gotta get back to the main stadium quickly, I'm sure I was told there's something happening there tonight. But what about Malik? He looked around slowly but there was no one to be seen this far out from the main complex. Eh, I'm sure he's probably sat there waiting for me with a big plate of food all for me as an apology for earlier! With a bursting grin, Ryudo headed back to the main complex, all the while huddling into his thin purple jacket for warmth.

"What the..." Before he could think to react, bright flashes of white and yellow light bombarded Ryudo as he approached the entrance to the stadium. "Oh, so these must be the interviewers I heard about... Eh I'm too hungry for an interview." With a flick of his wrist, a blue flash appeared from one of Ryudo's Pokéballs and an excited Emolga jumped out from the point of impact. "Emolga, use Double Team to create a sphere around us!" As Emolga built up speed and began darting around Ryudo in circles, a shimmering white and yellow blur built up around the duo as they ran forward into the main hall having avoided any pesky interviewers. Bet I looked damn great in the photos though... Ryudo shone his signature grin before noticing the overwhelming amount of trainers and spectators gathered in the stadium's lobby.

All these people gathered here and I can't even see Malik or that red haired boy, ugh. I can't deal with all this right now, I guess I'll go get some air. As Ryudo sniffed around and picked up the brilliant aroma of the food that was to come, he smirked and made his way up on to a secluded balcony overlooking the main stadium and stood watching the growing crowd of people, all the while hoping to come across a familiar face. "Guess it's just you and me now, eh Emolga? Let's make the most of it anyway. You ready?" With a deadly serious look on his face, Ryudo gazed directly into Emolga's eyes as if he was about to impart the most important piece of wisdom he'd ever possessed. Emolga gazed back expectantly, knowing exactly what was about to come.

"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'C'..."
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