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    Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post


    Why does everybody say that? Am I the only one Meganium served well for?

    Anyways, I think you should go for Ampharos since it's the only Electric readily available. I used Arbok on one of my runs, she was actually surprisingly useful. You could try for one of those just to be unique. Also, Stantler is available and you could use it just for a challenge. Although it does learn the useful Hypnosis (even though it's inaccurate).

    EDIT: And yeah, Vaporeon would be a good choice because of its hefty HP and defenses. That thing can take a hit.
    I for one think Meganium is absolutely the most underrated starter of all!
    Meganium would have purpose in other games, for sure. But in Johto, there's not any gyms or members of the Elite 4 that have weakness to Grass. Chikorita is your first team member, and the first 2 gyms have an advantage to Grass.
    I'm definitely not trying to put Meganium down.
    I've decided it's crucial for me to get Mareep, otherwise it will be difficult to defeat Falkner.
    Arbok and Stantler are interesting choices. Arbok was a passing thought when I first started thinking about my team, and I just might use it. If I'm going to go normal type, I'm going to go Persian thoug-- Which I just might do as well.
    So let's see..
    That's pretty solid. I think Starmie is going to be my Water. I've never used it before, and it's dual Psychic which is pretty neat-o.

    Thanks for your help.