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    Originally Posted by Soar View Post
    I just want to start by saying thanks for the time you put into the post.

    I changed my Gligar set (I never really used U-Turn anyway) It seems to be working really well!

    I have not really run into a CBFlygon in PS, but i haven't been on in a few days so who knows, I have mainly (90%) of the time seen a CSFlygon set with Outrage or U-Turn and Bisharp takes them quite well. As it gives me chance to set-up my SD and get the free switch SD so his attack pretty much triples.

    And Sharpedo is a big threat to my team. But if i have my full hazards up i take about 34% of his health out. I switch into Snorlax and whirlwind him out to clear the speed and take more health out when he comes back in.

    Im new to battling so, if you dont mid me asking, how did you figure out the damage calcs because i would like to know how to do it.

    And as for the Suicune set, im having trouble deciding over Surf and Scald. Im using surf now because it has a higher BP, but scald can get the burn. Any thoughts?

    Sorry i took so long to reply, i was testing out this team.
    Good to hear.

    Yes because people love the CS set which honestly is good but CB set is amazingly destructive and definitely the superior set imo. Anyways it can be beaten via prediction.

    Unfortunately it's hard to get full hazards up against a decent player, SR + Spikes is enough. Snorlax takes 50-55% from STAB Crunch so it's not taking too many hits especially if they have hazards up hence why you need Suicune. With hazards Snorlax/Suicune you should be okay with Sharpedo.

    I used Cherubi's Damage Calculator, Smogon's outdated or you can download one of the offline calculators.

    Scald is probably better however Surf is going to net you more KO's, basically better chance to cripple something or better chance to KO. Your choice, both are good. No that's good, always test changes before posting. You'll improve a lot more that way =)