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    Oh no, I'm sorry for not seeing you! I seem not to have the topic favourited or something, I thought I would get a message when someone replies.
    I will send you a PM shortly, please bear with me a bit longer.

    So, update: I was studying. And I had no chance to do anything with Ren'Py and I guess that demotivated me the most. But I'm getting a great and powerful laptop soon and then I will start the Ren'Py part.

    By now, I have myself, a lazy friend IRL who is doing May and needs some encouragement too, a nice proofreader who got nothing to proofread and a guy who told me he would trace backgrounds but hasn't done anything yet.

    If you are reading this and want to apply, sent me a PM.

    If you are reading this in the far away future, this project is not dropped until I say so, HERE. And currently I have no need to drop it. Must simply approve Technology, so I can use Ren'Py and trace images properly. Soon....

    EDIT: Meanwhile a Release happened, so everything happening right now will be updated there from now on.
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