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Originally Posted by botnaeasy View Post
thanks Ark_Silvanos.
I'm waiting for answer to: it is possible to make script which removed some player's pokemon 4ever? sorry for trouble and thanks for help.
Currently there are two ways to remove a person's Pokemon forever; HackMew's ASM document and metapod23's script. HackMew's ASM is the better choice, but if you don't know how to insert ASM then go for metapod's (but I still highly recommend that you learn how to insert ASM)

Originally Posted by destinydownloads View Post
Alright I'm not sure whether this is the right place to put this question or not but here goes.
I am trying to help some people create a digimon hack. But as you may or may not know some of the digimon are pretty huge, and so I find it difficult to fit it into 64x64 space. So does anyone know of any tutorials which will help me?
Nope, nobody has been able to do that yet so there won't be any tutorials. In order to have larger sprites, the entire code which deals with storing and displaying sprites would have to be rewritten. Not to mention there would be other problematic areas such looking at your Pokemon in the summary screen or evolutions. Unfortunately you'll have to stick with 64x64 sprites for the foreseeable future.