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What are some of your favorite Water Type moves and why?

The only Water type moves I really remember as my favourite would be Surf and Hydro Pump. I am aware that there were some good Water type moves introduced in 4th and 5th generation, however I never got to play fourth gen very much, and I've never played any fifth generation games, so none of them can really make my favourites list.

Anyways, Surf, which hopefully should be in everyone's answers, is one of the most helpful moves in the whole game. Apart from it being necessary to progress in the game, it's also a really strong move, hits all Pokémon on the field, so very good for double battles, and it has one of my favourite move animations of all time. It's probably the only HM that I've never wanted my Pokémon to forget, as it's just one of my favourites of all. Hydro Pump comes up on there too, simply just because it's such a strong move. It may not be all that reliable, but it's great for 1HKO's and it's probably also saved my butt a few times. I do recall using it quite a bit in the second generation games, though it's not one many of my Pokémon have ever learned.
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