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    Originally Posted by MIAU View Post
    Name: MIAU
    2 Partner Pokemon: Tammy the Tympole and Chelon the Tirtouga
    Why do you want to swim with us?: I've been asked before what is my favorite type and I couldn't answer, but it's probably water. Playing White, it was really hard to pick between two water-types, Tammy and Chelon, so I ended up using both in my team, thought I'd chose as I play. Well, they're both fully evolved now, and I still can't chose just one of them (actually, I'm glad we could chose 2 partner Pokemon to sign up for the club). Also, I kinda wanna try other water-types, like Milotic and Walrein, so I'll probably end up with a full water-types team.
    Answer Current topic: What are some of your favorite water type moves and why?
    I used to use Surf for a long time, but Tammy now has Hydro Pump, and Chelon has Aqua Tail. I just got Waterfall today, and I want to try it out, though I've been wanting to try out Scald too. Oh decisions decisions.
    Welcome to the club MIAU! I hope you are enjoying PokeCommunity so far, and I also hope that you enjoy this club and actively contribute to the discussions :3

    Are you new to Pokemon in general? Surf is a nice move, especially in doubles with a Grass type as your team mate! I like to use scald because it is fairly powerful and it has a chance of burning the opponent which is always nice =P
    um, honestly i'm not sure how good Waterfall is as I have never used it =/. Hydro Pump is nice as a sweep move, because it does tons of damage xD

    Although Surf is a nice move to use in singles because of its power, it is risky to use in doubles and triples because it could kill your Pokemon. If your team mate is a grass type it probably wont KO it but damage is damage =/
    So that is definitively a decision to make!
    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    Name: Mentalii
    2 Partner Pokemon:
    Tortank the Blastoise and Aquali the Vaporeon
    Why do you want to swim with us?:
    Water-type being my favourite type among all, I obviously want to swim with you all, and talk about this awesome type.
    What is your favorite Water Type Pokemon and why? It's Feraligatr, since my Silver version. Its evolution line will also always be favourite starter evolution line. As a small child discovering Pokémon, I'll always keep good memories of this strong aligator that allowed me to beat the game.
    Hi, Hi! Feraligatr fan, huh? I can't say anything as for the performance of him in battle because I have never played the 2nd generation games, but I don't like his appearance unfortunately. :< He is the only starter I don't like the looks of. But if it was your first Pokemon, I can see why you have an attachment to him <3. Are there any other reasons you like the Feraligatr Evolution line?