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    Some fun music hacking info..
    There are fanfares (I guess I'll call them that) and songs. The difference between them is that if you start a fanfare on one map and go to the next, the fanfare will overlap with the new music. It will sound like a blended mess. If you insert a music track that you want for a city or route over it, then it'll still keep the characteristics of the fanfare. This is not good because the music will blend if you go to another map. To fix this, you must find the track's pointer in the song table. This can easily be found by looking at the "Table" offset in Sappy. So, you have the pointer. There are four bytes after the pointer. 00 00 00 00 means it's a song. 02 00 02 00 means it's a fanfare. If you want to make a song a fanfare, vice versa, then you change the bytes to what you desire. Now, you can replace the futile "You Fail It" tracks with great route music, or some other fanfare you want to replace.

    Also, make sure you do this for every song table you have. You only have one if you haven't made another, by the way. :D
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