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Originally Posted by Jordon2 View Post
This game is looking even more awsome! I have been watching it for a while and desided i would post about some things i have found.

You can walk throught the table and trees in the players house
you can walk throught the trees near the lab
the game freezes when you talk to the guy wh gives you a potion
Stingmon can be found near the entrence to the league.
and some of the white on the sprites are transparrent and you can see the grass throught eyes and throught the mouth of some digimon

Don't know if you are open to some suggestion about stuff but:
I found out about a few DNA evo from Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 such as:
Devimon and Ogremon to SkullSatamon
Kuwagamon and Kokatorimon to Megadramon
Megadramon and Cherrymon to Ghoulmon
Also that Aegisdramon is born from a fusion of plesiomon and seadramon data

I'm also wondering if bukamon(maybe even chapmon) will go inbetween Poyomon and gomamon/betamon at some point?

We're working on those errors. I'll keep those possible DNA digivolutions in mind. Skull Satamon will definitely be included if we can get his sprite to work. We're probably gonna use Chapmon instead of Bukamon for the in-training level of Gomamon, and use a different digimon than Poyomon for the fresh form of those lines. I'd like to have Poyomon not digivolve at all and use him as a replacement for ditto.
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